Our Business

Alpha Meditec S.A is one of the most creative companies in the medical field, located in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.

Our company trades and distributes a variety of high quality products, such as medical devices, surgical instruments and food supplements.

Close to customers and patients

To help patients regain their lives more quickly and fully, we work with healthcare professionals on emerging new technologies and techniques. This is achieved by our continuous tendency for learning, taking part in workshop programs, travelling abroad and sharing knowledge inside surgical operations via skilled and experienced technicians.

Research and development

Continuous learning is very important for us as we are called to respond to new challenges; for example, new surgical techniques in the workplace create the need for surgeons to continuous training in order to complete tasks more efficiently. This constant research for new techniques and new business fields makes Alpha Meditec S.A. a dynamic company with high perspectives of developing and expanding.

Quality certifications

Alpha Meditec S.A. is certified with ISO: 9001 2015, ensuring the constant quality improvement of the services provided.

At Alpha Meditec S.A., everything is leaded by our three principles:
Quality, Trust and Technology.

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